of my addiction I made some terrible choices as a mother. I put drugs before my children which caused me to lose them. I had just given birth to my third son on February 8. He was put into Intensive Care for treatment with withdrawals because of my addiction. During that time my grandmother was in the same hospital dying from breast cancer that she had been fighting for 21 years. Ten days after the birth of my son, my grandmother passed. After my grandmother’s funeral I returned to the hospital to spend time with my son. To my surprise the case manager from DFACS was there to tell me that I would not be allowed to take my son home. She told me that he would be placed in foster care along with my two other sons (ages 9 and 5) who were placed in DFACS in June 2011. My newborn was taken and placed in a different home away from his two brothers; I was devastated and did not know what to do. I knew that I had a serious problem with drugs but I could not figure out how to fix the problem on my own. I had been trying to get sober since my older children were taken; I just didn’t know where to turn for help. My father raised me until he passed away when I was nine years old; my mother left me when I was two years old because of her addiction. I did not have any parents so I was always living from place to place. I had no structure or stability as a child. I love my boys very much and I did the best that I knew how to do to offer them the love that I never received from my mother. After the loss of my children and my grandmother, I was just ready to die. Because of my addiction I had turned my back on God; I felt that I had nothing else to live for. But little did I know that God had not turned his back on me. He knew what I needed and he made a way. In April, a friend told me about a place in Decatur, GA for women and women with children in recovery. He gave me the phone number and told me that if I was interested he would get me from Macon to there. I thought about it for a few days, and since I realized I had nothing else to lose, I called Ms. Rosie. From our first conversation, Rosie’s only concern was what she could do to get me better. I explained my situation to her and, after making several exceptions, she told me that if I was sure I really wanted this, then she could help me. By God’s grace I got to the House of Hope on Saturday, April 14, 2012. I had one day clean. I was very sick from withdrawals. Ms. Rosie was at the door to welcome me into her home. She helped me to unpack my things and put them away and told me right now she just wanted me to rest as much as I needed until I could feel better. That started my road to recovery. Recovery is not pretty. I was very sick for the first two weeks and could barely get out of bed. Ms Rosie would come into my room everyday to check on me – asking me over and over again if I needed to go to detox. I kept assuring her that I would be ok. She made sure that I had plenty to drink and eat. Ms. Rosie is the best example of a loving and caring mother that I have ever seen! I had come here with very little, but Rosie made sure I had what I needed. Not only did she help me get into the DeKalb Addiction Clinic for further treatment during the day, but she helped me to get God back into my life. After seven months of treatment at the DeKalb Addiction Clinic I have graduated! I have been in the House of Hope for almost eight months. It is time for me to move on and take the next step to getting my children back. DFACS wants me to have my own home in order to do that. I now have to take the skills that I learned from Ms. Rosie and use them in my own life so that I can soon make my children feel just as loved, happy and secure as Ms. Rosie has made me feel with her at the HOH. Thank you God for putting Ms. Rosie in my life and thank you Ms. Rosie for all of the love that you have shown me. Love Always, Tasha

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