House of Hope

House of Hope is a safe, non-traditional recovery home for individuals who are struggling with addictions, codependency, homelessness, depression and abuse, and are preparing to become productive citizens again. Our hands-on approach is designed to address the spiritual, financial, emotional, and relational needs of our clients. All of our clients are engaged in life changing classes such as overcoming addiction, relapse prevention, financial stewardship and, where applicable, parenting classes. Everyone attends Wednesday night Bible study, Friday night Celebrate Recovery (a Christ centered 12 step program) at Peace Baptist Church (Tyrone E. Barnette, Senior Pastor) and Sunday service of their choice.


We believe everyone can be made whole, healed, and restored through the power of God and the love and compassion of His people.


The House of Hope Christ-Centered Recovery, Inc., offers services for individuals with substance abuse and other social ills.