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What makes House of Hope’s ministry different?

No one is given a set timetable for recovery.  Clients can stay in a safe, supportive environment until they feel ready, with God’s help, to re-join society.

Program Information


Age Levels

Level of Care

Fee type

Fee Structure



Organization Type


Therapy Types


18 and older


$125 weekly/ sliding scale

Must be willing to work


(Mild) As Needed

Non-Profit Organization

12 Steps, Groups


County                        Any

Age levels                   18 and older

Level of care               Residential

Fee Type                     $125 weekly/ sliding scale

Fee Structure              Must be willing to work

Insurance                    None

Medication                  (Mild) As Needed

Organization Type      Non-Profit Organization

Services                      2 Steps, Groups

Therapy Types            Christian

Addiction Counseling:  Each client must attend the following classes:  overcoming addiction, relapse prevention, financial stewardship, parenting classes where applicable, and two Bible studies per week including Rick Warren’s Celebrate Recovery study.


Life Skills:  One of the major lessons a recovering addict must learn is how to maintain some level of discipline over one’s life.  At HOH, life skills such as maintaining personal hygiene, keeping personal and communal living space clean and orderly, meal preparation and cleanup, maintaining a regular schedule of attending church and work on time, and respecting the needs of others via living the Golden Rule are all taught throughout each day.


Health Restoration: Many clients are experiencing or have recently experienced homelessness.  Most of them have multiple physical problems due to their addictions and due to the nature of homeless living.  They require medical attention and, in most cases, medications


Hope and Soap Ministry: Recognizing the grimy nature of homelessness and the effect just being filthy can have on one’s self-esteem and drive toward self-improvement, Hope and Soap provides funds for a one-day stay at a hotel near HOH in which a homeless person can take a shower, be provided with a set of clean clothes, get a haircut, get help in obtaining identification and enjoy one good night’s sleep in a safe place.